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The MK RC Model Aircraft Australia was established in 2007 under the name of MK Model
At that time we were importing the ZDZ engines from the Czech Republic only.
There was not much demand for the motors as they were quite expensive. Three years ago we have changed the name to MK RC Model Aircraft Australia and started importing DLA engines directly from the Chinese manufacturer.
We have also decided to expand product range to suit you.
In our range is available Fiala propellers, light covering materials that are used for old timers and silencers.
CNC cutting service for custom parts is also available.
In the near future we will offer some aeroplane kits made in Australia by us, such as the GOON, Zero, Mustang.
The Goon will be suitable for Golden Era racing, Zero and Mustang will be in the Reno class for large scale racing as well as general war-bird flying.

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