Dear costumer Fiala propellers are imported from Czech republic.  On offer is whole range of propellers from 16 to 40 inches diameter with pitches from 8 to 22 inches. Standard propellers are right hand rotation which suits most applications. Fiala also supplies propellers for Ultralight planes and paragliding.  There is opportunity to request custom made propellers. The maximum possible diameter of custom props is 1800 mm (71 inches). The whole range of the propellers is supplied in clear timber finish. Custom paint is available on request.     All prices listed for Australian dollar and subject to change with out notice!

TWO BLADE PROPELLER Please contact us for shipping method and prices before order

Sizes & prices   18x8-10-12        $ 26.50   19x8-10-12        $ 30.50 20x8-10-12        $ 42.00   22x8-10-12        $ 45.50 23x8-10-12        $ 52.00 24x8-10-12        $ 65.50 26x8-10-12        $ 66.00 27x8-10-12        $ 72.00 28x8-10-12          $ 83.0032X8-10-12          $96.00