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AMT Model company's mufflers are made from aluminium and duralumin alloy, including headers and flanges. Sophisticated design and construction methods enable production of a wide variety of mufflers.

The design of some mufflers is so efficient that they need no other mounting than on the exhaust manifold (for mufflers of these types: Pitt’s mufflers and “Supersonics” silencer).

Other mufflers are tuned pipes and canisters. These types need double mounting because the header is attached to the muffler with a Teflon joint.  If these mufflers are attached at only one point, it may break away from the header pipe in aerobatic manoeuvres, because of centrifugal force and engine heat.

In the same way an unbalanced propeller or spinner will cause cracking of header or muffler, also, the muffler may be damaged in case of lack of fresh air around the muffler (air in/ air out).

The mufflers and exhaust pipe must not touch any part of the fuselage construction.  They can touch only in the two attached points. Also, header pipes must not touch anything. They are attached to engine and to the muffler with the Teflon joint.

In any case do not attach muffler with an attaching element (plywood, metal plate, laminate) without resilient (silicone) isolation (Plywood edges and vibration work like a knife on aluminium).

!!! Under the bolts (screws) for attachment to engine (for header and Pitts mufflers and “Supersonics” silencer) never use spring washer and flat washer.  Bolts (screws) will loosen and damage will follow for Pitt’s mufflers and “Supersonics” silencer. !!!

Please, make sure that the muffler (canister or tuned pipe) cannot revolve around its own axis, otherwise the outlet pipe could come in contact with the model structure. Do not try to bend headers and to deform muffler in any way. It will destroy the structure of aluminium alloy and lead to break down of the metal.


The muffler setup:


Headers are made in the standard length, but mufflers like tuned pipes are possible to enhance for higher power, by extending or reducing the distance from the engine. It depends on the propeller type and on your flying style. Extending the distance the torque will increase and moving closer the torque will decrease but speed increases. With the correct propeller and muffler’s setup you can achieve the maximum power.

The Pitt’s mufflers and “Supersonics” silencer types are setup by manufacturer and it is practically impossible to change the manufacturer’s setup. The power can be increased only with the correct propeller and carburettor setup




In the case of complaint, it is necessary to return the complete product to determine the if the cause was manufacturing fault or installation error. Thank you for your understanding.

The warranty applies for two years after purchase of your product and requires your proof of purchase. There is a lifelong warranty for selected mufflers types.


Your AMT Model.